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The Solution for Indoor & Outdoor Communication

TexWalk is a fabric with a textured matte vinyl coating providing a non-slip surface.

It is designed to be used for short to midterm applications, dependent on where the product is applied.

TexWalk works great on carpet, tile, concrete, wooden and PVC floors, untreated stone and almost every surface indoor and outdoor. The product can be used outdoor for up to 1 week but is not designed for road traffic.


  • Applied on top of carpeting, tiles, wooden and PVC floors and untreated stone
  • Wall Graphics
  • Door Coverage
  • Tradeshows (exhibition walls and floors)
  • POP / POS

Features and Benefits

  • Structured matte finish
  • No or almost no adhesive residue
  • Sticks on almost any surface
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Print and go - no laminate solution


The durability of TexWalk is dependent on the way the product has been applied and it aslo depends on the mechanical use of the surface where it is applied. The following guidelines apply:

  • indoor floor up to 6 weeks
  • outdoor floor up to 10 days
  • indoor walls up to 36 months
  • outdoor walls up to 12 months